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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

RobiniArt Aussie Sugar Skull Style Portraits

by RobiniArt
(San Antonio, TX)

Bella the Australian Shepherd, Copyright RobiniArt 2013

Bella the Australian Shepherd, Copyright RobiniArt 2013

Hi there! Thank you for asking me to post my art here! I'm a San Antonio, Texas artist who creates custom portraits of pets for people all over the United States in a style reminiscent of the sugar skull imagery that you see included in Mexico's Day of the Dead holiday celebrations. The majority of my commissions are dogs, but sometimes I'm asked to paint a cat (or alpaca, or horse or hedgehog!).

Aussie's are by far some of my most fun and favorite dogs to paint. I love their expressive, intelligent faces and their gorgeous, multi-colored hair. I also have a soft spot for them because one of the best dogs I ever had was an Aussie named Clyde. He was the most gentle, intelligent, obedient, sensitive dog I've ever met. I miss him every day.

My portraits are acrylic on panel. I start with a photo of my subject and work from it to create the final portrait. I use watercolor techniques (thin, watery washes and layering), but also incorporate line work that gives my portraits a more graphic style. Many times, I incorporate images at my customers' requests: a favorite toy, flower, nick name . . .

Please enjoy my Aussie portraits! You can learn all about me and my commission process at There, you will also find links to my CafePress shop, customer testimonials, and a tutorial on taking good photos of your dog.

Thank you,

Robin Arthur

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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