by Martha
(Bradford, PA)

How do I get my runaway Aussie to come back to me? She is perfect in the house, follows all my commands, but when she gets outside and gets off the leash—GONE.

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by: John

You might get some treats that she really likes, have someone hold the dog on a leash and then call her. After 5, 10 times she will learn that she gets a treat for coming to you when you call.

Hope that works

never ever...
by: jcrply

Unless you're in your fenced yard, never ever ever let your pup off the leash. Successfully running away is not only dangerous but teaches the dog he doesn't really have to come to you when you call. Work every day, several times a day on developing a solid recall. Start with leash on, inside the house. Work up to off-leash in the house. Work on-leash in your fenced yard, using a longer and longer line. Work in other areas using a longer and longer line... but not off-leash.

My reply
by: Anonymous

I don't let her off the leash, if she slips out the door she is gone! I have tried treats... she just keeps running...

by: Anonymous

A dog is more likely to run if they never get the chance to run free. Try and find a fenced in area, like a baseball field where your dog can run free without the worry of him getting away. let him drag a long lead at first. Throw him treats so he knows you have some. Throw some to him occasionally. Then try calling him to you, and give him a treat when he comes, but don't grab him or restrict him, just send him away again. Once you get this to work, grab his collar when he comes, and then let him go. He needs to learn that coming to you will ALWAYS get him a reward, but most of the time doesn't mean his freedom will be restricted. good luck!!

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