Running Through The House With Abandon

by Char Whisenant
(San Diego, CA)



We love our miniature Aussie/Lab mix. But the one thing that really is annoying is his running. He runs through our open floor plan with abandon, not responding to his name or "come" as our trainer taught. It has worn patterns in carpets and worn nerves to a frazzle. This goes on daily until the sun goes down. Any suggestions on ways to curb this behavior?

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by: Anonymous

make sure ur pup is getting plenty of exercise, and a good way to correct the behavior is a squirt bottle, if water doesn't do the trick mix it 1/2 and 1/2 with vinegar. this will teach the dog that it is doing something wrong bc something it doesnt like happens every time it does that

Energetic Boy
by: Kathy

sounds like your youngster has a lot of extra energy! Try to figure out ways for him to work it off, then in theory he won't need to run round the house so much. Long walks, Frisbee, retrieving, swimming, its all good.

There's even a doggie backpack that you can fill with an appropriate amount of weight to make walks more tiring. Be sure to use the right weight for your dog's size.

As we say in our house, a tired Aussie is a happy Aussie!

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