Running With an Australian Shepherd With a Retractable Leash

by Jodi Beam
(Cherryville, NC, US)

My Aussie loves to run with me. We have tried the harness leashes and all kinds. The retractable leash is the only one she does well with.

She obeys and knows to stop at stoplights and stop signs. I also can keep the leash close to me where she is by my side and not running ahead. She does like to be a bit in front of me and we run at a nice pace together.

Is it bad that I use a retractable leash?

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Any leash is fine
by: Anonymous

Any leash in which she behaves on is the right type of leash. As long as she is under control then it’s fine.

Leash type
by: CCC

I think that’s a personal choice that you and your Aussie have to make based on what works for the two of you. My only concern is that the retractable ones that I’ve seen are made of a thin cord and small handle. The chord doesn’t hold up after much use and the handle is just too cumbersome for my weak hands. Just keep an eye on the chord wear and strength and replace it when it appears to be getting weak. You don’t want your leash to break in the middle of a walk in a heavily congested area with lots of people or traffic. Good luck and enjoy that wonderful companion!

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