Running With My Aussie Pup

by Knittymom

I've heard that running with a young puppy isn't advisable because of potential bone/joint issues. I have a 3 month old Aussie who LOVES to run. My kids (10, 8 and 5) take cross country and my puppy (Grommet) LOVES to chase them when they are running. I take him with me (I'm not very fast at all), and I can't keep up with him because he is chasing the little kids so fast! I'm not making him run or pulling him along, but he's running all on his own (on a leash). When he wants to slow down, we slow down, but it seems like he has a hard time NOT chasing the kids (trying to herd them maybe?).

My question is, is this ok for him to run like that? I don't want his bones or joints to get damaged, but he LOVES to run and it keeps him more mellow throughout the day (i.e. not chewing EVERYTHING or nipping the littlest kid). He gets very spastic and jumpy when he doesn't get his energy out, so in that respect, it seems like a good idea to let him run. This is my first puppy though, so I don't want to unknowingly damage him. Are there any other runners with Aussie pups who might have some advice/info on this subject?

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