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Sampson The Hero

by Dave G.
(Woodstock, GA, USA)

Sampson, my Hiking Buddy

Sampson, my Hiking Buddy

We got Sampson from a rural rescue shelter when he was four months old. As we pulled up, this little blue merle furball emerged from a pack of dogs on the property, and we both knew then we would be taking him home. Getting into the car for the ride back to Atlanta, Sampson, claimed me from the start, climbing into my lap, and falling asleep, before throwing up on me halfway home. Since that time he's grown from a 16 lb puppy, to a 78 lb monstrous Aussie.

Our three long haired Chihuahuas tolerate him, but to Sampson everyone in our house is family, to be protected to the death. Yesterday, that death almost happened. Standing in the backyard with the dogs, there was a rustling coming from a sinkhole we have in our yard. The chihuahuas being closest, began moving towards it, and Sampson laying on the patio, jumped up, and launched himself into a run, getting to the spot first, barely ahead of the Chihuahuas.

Before I could call him off he went at something in the leaves, and came up shaking his head. Ready to go back, I called him off, and over to me only to find two puncture marks on his muzzle, just above his nose. He had been bitten by a Copperhead. To explain Sampson and my relationship, I would tell you to watch the movie Hachi, as my wife is always telling people he's my Hachi. While he hasn't always gotten along with the Chihuahuas, he definitely saved one of their lives, and so today, he's the family hero.

He came home today, still a little swollen, but getting better fast. I don't know what I would have done if the worst had happened. He is firmly embedded in my heart. I've owned dogs before him, and I will own dogs after him, and I can say even at 2.5 years of age, I will never own another dog quite like him. He is the reason, I will never own another breed again. Today, Sampson is my hero.

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by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

I know how you feel. I had an Aussie hero in my family, too. Give Samson a big hug from me and the Big Run Aussie Girls!

beautiful story
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing your story. Your boy truly is a hero. Thank God he's ok. He is a beauty.
I have a question. you mentioned that you have Chichuchuas, I do too, just one,(he's 2 and half) along with my toy Aussie, (whose 8 months now),. My question is how did or do you get the Chi's to get along with him? My chi thinks he owns everything and everyone, he growls and is just upset with my Aussie.
we originally had a standard Aussie who died at age 5 from epilepsy so then we got the toy aussie, thinking it would be easier for the chi to get along with. Not so much.
if you have any tips or advice you can share, I would appreciate it. my email address is

by: Anonymous

What a great story! Thanks for sharing! 'Way to go Sampson!

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