Scared 6 Month Old Mini Aussie

My 6 month old male Mini Aussie, MO. I've had him since he was 8 weeks old. He is so skiddish, even with me and my son who are his main caretakers if you will. He won't come most of the time. Absolutely will not come to most men. I've tried getting him to come with treats. My female is so lovey and cuddly.

Lost in Montana
Joy Johnson

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by: Neil Coy

I've read and think it is true that alpha means provider. For an extended period of time make sure that only your son feeds the scared pup. When he realizes that you son is his provider, I think his attitude will change.

Good luck, I have a mind/full that is attached to me by the hip.

by: Anonymous

My mini aussie is now 10 months, but we rescued her when she was 6 months. Like the commentor said before, you and your son need to establish that you are the alpha. You two are the ones she gets the food from. Our dog is very scared around grown men too. Once she trusted us, we would socialize her around other grown men (our friends). It took about 3-4 trips/hang outs before she got comfortable with them. It takes time, but they will learn.

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