Sensitive Tummies

by Katie
(Seattle, WA)

We have a sweet 14 week puppy, who has been suffering from small amounts of blood in her stool for awhile now. Sometimes it's diarrhea and sometimes it's normal stool. We switched her off of pedigree puppy (which is what the breeder was feeding) at 12.5 weeks to Nutrisource chicken, we thought it was the Pedigree causing it. The new grain free food seems to maybe be helping but we still see blood at least every other day. Penny loves to play, has tons of energy, and still was eating, and sleeping like normal. No other symptoms! She went to the vet and they suspect colitis. I was hoping to hear if anyone else had this with their puppies!!

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by: Tansy's Mom

Ask your vet to check your puppy for coccidia and Giardia. When a vet does a routine test for parasites, the testing does not include giardia and coccidia. The test can sometime give a false negative. a stool sample is sent to a lab not done in the vets office.

Response to Sensitive Tummies
by: Anonymous

I have a border collie and aussie shepherd 4 months. We too live in the Seattle-Tacoma area. For the last month we have had issues of stool ranging from normal to what we call soft serve and occasionally watery. We had to switch dog foods about 5 weeks ago when we got them. They had diarrhea and it didn't go away. No blood though that I have seen. We switched to blue puppy food. After a week stool still wasn't right. Vet put both dogs on Diarsanyl. It's a paste for diarrhea and they loved the taste. It did help but didn't cure it entirely. They were also put on EN dog food for sensitive stomachs. Now they are on metronidazole and a probiotic to replenish good bacteria in the stomach. Its only been 1 day of treatment and no improvement. They say to give it 2 weeks. You may want to try the Diarsanyl. It really did help for awhile. Our dogs probably don't have the same problem but it did seem to help if you are worried about dehydration, etc. We have been trying to rule out environmental as it is happening with both our dogs. Hope some of this may help you? Good luck!

sensitive tummy
by: Anonymous

My dog also has sensitive tummy . He had several parasites and worms when he was a puppy . even though we got rid of every worm he still had diarrhea few days and normal poo other .Our vet changed his food to a prescribed one called I /D GI restore from Hills, Its pricey but it settled his stomach issues now that he is turning 2 next month we are going to try to change for normal brands slowly. Good luck with your puppy!

Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you everyone for your suggestions! We determined giardia, which I guess is better than a chronic condition like colitis. A round of antibiotics is helping much a lot. I didn't suspect anything like giardia because she was still eating, growing and playing!

Re: upset stomach - recommend a dog brand food
by: Anonymous

My Australian Shepherd pup has always had problems with certain dog foods since we got her from our breeder in CA. We have tried various puppy brands for our puppy to see what will help with her diarrhea. She has also had blood in her stool at different times in her life and I was unsure what was causing it. We took her to the vet and all tests came back negative. The dry food that I have found that has stopped her diarrhea is Taste of the Wild puppy food: bison and venison. Her stool is always hard and never soft serve once we started feeding her this. I recommend trying this brand out. To see if it will work for you as it works for my dog who is now almost 11 months old.

Sensitive stomach
by: Anonymous

I have an Aussie/German Shepherd mix 4-month-old puppy. He had severe roundwormsa week after I brought him home. Got those cleared and then he had serious diarrheawith blood in his stool.

The vet then treated him with an antibiotic and recommended a probiotic. They also wanted me to feed him an easily digestible diet. I boiled chicken, made white rice and a table spoon of cottage cheese. This worked well until last week, he started having serious diarrhea again, this time he has Giardia.

Hopefully, this will be the end of tummy and intestinal issues for him. He has been through too many in his short life. Fortunately, he still has been his active happy self. Good luck getting your pups tummy issues under control.

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