Separation Anxiety When Going On Vacation: What Would You Do In This Situation?

by Pam

Hi All, I just wanted a bit advice on how to handle vacation anxiety.

My hubby and I are going away in 2 weeks time, my Mini Aussie is staying home with the rest of his pack (my 4 sons).

The problem is, he is very attached to my husband and I, my question is this...

Our plane leaves very early in the morning and my Aussie usually sleeps with my eldest son, so when everyone awakens we will be gone.

Should I wake my Aussie and say goodbye so he see's us leave? Or when he awakens let him search all over the house for us?

Either way I'm sure is going to be hard on him, sit by the door and wait for us to return? Or search for us for 1 week. :(

What would ya'll do?

Thanks for all your input! :)

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Definitely say goodbye
by: Anonymous

It is hard to say but I would always opt for saying goodbye to my Aussie. These are very intelligent dogs and seem to understand these types of things.

Separation anxiety
by: Anonymous

Ditto to what anonymous said. Whenever we have to leave Jodi with someone else, we always tell her we are going and give her a treat. Then we do the same when we come home. They understand more than you know.

by: Anonymous

I always tell my dog when we are leaving. He may pick up the signals anyway! It is too confusing for them if you are suddenly not there. Don’t worry about him, he will be fine with your sons in his own familiar environment.

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