Serious Behavioral Problems

by Lindsay

My puppy, Indy, is a sweet and loving loyal dog. Sometimes, but lately I cannot get him to listen to a single thing I say. He WILL NOT listen, and I'm really starting to feel overwhelmed. I knew that getting an Aussie would be a challenge and that when bored they become unruly, but this fella is just like Marley from Marley & Me.

What's really bad though is that he's biting. I can't pet him without getting my arms chewed. I can't walk without him nipping at my heels. It's frustrating not only to me, but the rest of my family members, and I think they overwhelm me more than my Indy does, because they constantly yell at him then yell at me because he's an annoyance to them.

Also we have other pets and Indy is showing aggression. If another dog barks at him then he attacks and I have to pull him off. During one of the fights he actually bit me by mistake and it broke the skin. That was the last straw for me. I absolutely love my dog so so so much and want what's best for him. I just need a little help and any advice would be great. =)

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Try ball or frisbee
by: Richard Bryant

Try ball and Frisbee. Jackson's baby teeth tore up Terri's arm before we showed him ball. after that it was all about ball, frisbee, peace love and happeiness.

Dominant pup
by: Kathy B

Sounds like Indy thinks he is the top dog of the family pack. We had several similar problems with Rafe, who is now 1.5 years old. She never progressed to aggression, but we were likely headed in that direction. We were at wits end.

Many of the subtle behaviors around our dog actually serve to enforce their dominance instead of curb it. Remember that dominance & aggression are different things. We found an online article that proved most helpful in recognizing those behaviors & managing them correctly. You may find that many of Indy's undesirable actions are listed. Check out

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