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Shannon - My Little Wiggle Butt

by Aussiegirl

We just lost Shannon to cancer this autumn, but she was the best dog ever. She was just 6 months old when we adopted her from ARPH - Aussie Rescue. She'd been found in an outdoor pen at a shelter. She'd spent part of the night there during an ice storm. She was a very timid blue merle with one brown eye and one half-blue/half-brown eye. Shannon didn't seem too fond of men at first. But she came around and then some.

The turning point was getting her into a puppy training program and giving her lots of love. She remained my companion (AKA Velcro dog), but included my hubby and kids. She loved doing tricks. She learned "settle down" in training - she would lie on her side, head on the ground and remain immobile until "released." (Great training idea - helped during emergency treatments, vet checks, etc.) He would say BANG and then SETTLE DOWN. She quickly learned to go into a settle down when he said bang. People always got a kick out of that. She always wanted (and usually got) the last word. She obviously didn't like having to lie down before I'd put her food down. I didn't do it every time - kind of switched up what she had to do to earn dinner, but as she slowly dropped down she'd do her woo-wooing complaining as she went. I loved how she would woo-woo when I came downstairs in the morning. I really miss that. And her smiles! Loved the full tooth bared smile when she was really happy!

This Christmas, my hubby surprised me with a tri-color Aussie puppy with two blue eyes. She is a doll, making us crazy because she is stubborn about house-training, but she does help with my sorrow about Shannon. Bella is going to be a big girl. She is already around 30 pounds at five months. Shannon was 35 pounds full-grown!

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Thank you for your kind words and Shannon's age
by: Aussiegirl

Hello and sorry for the delay in answering. Shannon was 11 when she died of Mast Cell Carcinoma. She was diagnosed when she was 10 and had one more good year.

Thank you all for your kind words. I still miss Shannon and am teary seeing her picture here. Bella, my new Aussie, is doing well. She answers to Bella, Belle, Boo, Bella-boo, and Boo-boo! She is very high energy - much more so than Shannon, and she is MY dog. Unlike Shannon, Bella is VERY people oriented, and she has a licker license! I'm surprised her tongue hasn't worn off. She makes us laugh, has finally housetrained, but it is more like she has us trained. Her signals are very subtle.

Best of all, she has that infectious Aussie personality. Hard to stay anything but happy around her.

I'll have to put her picture up next time.

Our Aussies
by: Nonnie

I am so sorry to hear about your Shannon. We had our first mini Aussie for almost one year before she died unexpectedly, traumatically of a gastrointestinal hemorrhage. It was awful. Carly Jo was one week shy of her first birthday.

We were going to wait several months before getting another one. The pain was just too great. But then, because the pain was so great, we started out search for another puppy after a couple of months.

We found a breeder in our state who was very open about allowing us to come to see her puppies. We visited her and picked out a blue-eyed, blue merle female mini Aussie. She was eight weeks old. We got her at 11 weeks. We named her Bailee Joy. She is a true joy and we love her very much.

The breeder went so far as to offer to keep Bailee during Thanksgiving week because we were going to visit our grandkids who are afraid of dogs. When we came to pick up Bailee we found that her half sister was still available. Maggie Mae is a brown-eyed, black tri toy Aussie.

They are the smartest, most loving, most loyal, happy, fun dogs I have ever had.

I know you will enjoy your puppy.

Passing of your Beloved Pet
by: Debbie

I am very sorry for your loss. My husband bought me my first aussie several months ago because my maltese was getting older and not doing well. After the passing of my maltese which still blew me away...having my little Bailey Girl made all the difference. She watches everything I do and say....she is so attentive to me. Definitely got me through a bad time faster. This aussie will never replace your last one but will fill that void. Enjoy your new baby.

So sorry for your loss
by: Tansy's Mom

I know the feeling all to well. I shed a few tears reading your post. I bought a new Aussie puppy last month after losing my Tansy in Nov. to leukemia at 6.5 years old. (Post and photo under Rainbow Bridge) My Tansy had one brown and one blue eye. Our new Puppy is going to look very much like your Shannon including the eyes. I named this little girl "Tassie." She does bring laughter back into my life but, just last night, I had tears when I held Tansy's puppy leash for the first time. How old was Shannon?

Beautiful dog
by: Viv

So sorry about your loss. Aussies are a special loving breed. Enjoy your new one! I have a mini who is so wonderful, you cannot imagine life without them.

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