Shaving A Working Aussie

by Carol
(Parker, CO)

I've seen a lot of opinions on shaving Aussies, but mine specifically pertains to a working dog. My Aussie goes out with me riding anywhere from 8-20 miles. Over the summer when my mare gets into better shape, I rarely ride under 12 miles. I do carry water for him to drink, but the hotter it gets (I'm in CO) the harder it seems to be on him. Plus, he frequently comes back and is covered in burrs, which are a nightmare to get out. Any suggestions specifically on this issue?

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shaving Aussie
by: Linn

Hi I have a 3 year old female who weighs 80 lbs she gets very hot when the weather gets warmer I am in Michigan. So every spring like in May I take the shaver and trim down under her body and trim up her hair to a real short cut. She seems to enjoy it and feels much better I wouldn't shave him down all the way because he will most likely itch just take the shaver and trim it down to about an inch .... Hope this helps

by: gayle--big run aussies

I know how you feel. One of my Aussies had a tail and got into burrs. His whole back end was just stiff with them and we ended up having to trim him. Can you imagine burrs on a furry tail? However, the double coat does protect the dog from those burrs and the sun. Yes, your dog can get sunburn, too. I would just trim him down on his rear, feathering on the front legs and underneath as was already suggested.

no shaving required
by: Anonymous

I would strongly advise against shaving your aussie. The vet told us that the thick, long hair acts as an insulator with strong sun and heat and assists them in keeping cool. It seems backwards to our thinking but once the hair is gone, the heat and sun are closer to the dogs body and the dog feels it more. It took me awhile to get used to hearing him pant so much but it's what they need to do to keep cool.
1/3 of Aussies get skin cancer issues so the extra hair keeps the sun away too.

didin't actually shave them
by: Carol

So I wasn't clear in my original post. What I did was give them both puppy cuts. Took the hair off their hocks and butt area and took everything else down to a manageable length (about 2-3"). They look great and I haven't had to cut out any burrs or other wild stuff.

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