Shedding Aussies

by Lee
(Fenton, Mi. USA)

I know this is probably a FAQ. I got my Aussie just before Christmas from the Humane Society. Apparently his owner had died. He's 3, and the best dog I could ask for. I never had an Aussie before, and my question is: Is there EVER a season they don't shed? LOL, I'm brushing him 3-4 times a week, and still finding hair in the cobwebs at the ceiling? also, is it common for an Aussie's tongue to protrude a bit?

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by: Patti

In regards to shedding, I have found that if I take my two aussies to the groomer they seem to do a better job of getting all the hair than I can. Also the shedding can get pretty bad late winter/early spring and late summer (August), so that is usually when they go to the groomer. Other than during those times, it can be manageable. Also, I believe feeding them a good dog food helps with the shedding.

But you'll find that these dogs are so wonderful that you learn to put up with a little bit of hair. :) Good luck.

by: Nonnie

Aussies do shed. We have found that using a stripper and then the Furminator will help a great deal.

I agree though - the Aussie personality will far out weigh the shedding. They are the most loving and intelligent dogs.

Re: Shedding
by: Kym

My Aussies don't shed too much, but I find Fish Oil works great to make the coat shiny, and soft. Also, if you blow dry after a bath you will find that blowing the coat will REALLY help with all the loose dead hair. Hope this helps!

by: Austin

We also take our Austin to the groomers which helps with less shedding. We also just purchased the Furminator which is an awesome tool. It's still quite expensive but is definitely worth every penny.

by: Anonymous

With regards to the Furminator, I bought the same thing at Target for $7, generic brand. It is amazing and does the exact same job. Spent about 1/2 hour brushing my Aussie yesterday and could not believe the wads of hair that came out with this tool!

Shedding Aussie
by: Vickie

My Aussie sheds like crazy. But i am very patient, i brush her everyday and she loves it. She is so amazing. I could not imagine having any other breed.

Aussie Shedding
by: Nonne

Well - I think you get the picture. :~) We use the Furminator and still we have tumbleweeds of hair - but we have two Aussies!!

One thing ... never shave your Aussie - it will ruin their coat and take forever to grow back out correctly.

I wouldn't trade my Aussies for ANYTHING!!

by: Anonymous

Mine's tongue sticks out slightly just the tip all the time and it's normal. And cute! Take pictures.

As far as shedding goes it's definitely worse in the spring and fall. Just use a fine tooth comb you don't care about ruining!!! No need to buy these silly tools on long luxurious Aussie hair because it's long enough for a real comb and fine tooth grabs the dead hair better I've noticed.

Good luck!

Side note: my girl is a mini Aussie but virtually the same thing.

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