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Sheila—My Best Friend

by Breanna Saunders
(United States)

You would think that dogs when they pass it would be when they are very old and very gray around the mouth and struggling to walk. I always imagined what my spunky Aussie Sheila would act like as a old women. Little did I know I would never see her this way.

All through her life she was the alpha dog. I remember getting her from this farm when I was nine not knowing what she would look like. When I saw her I fell in love. Her split face was one in a MILLION. She was so cute and small and I knew she would be very special to me. Lets just say she was the 'loud dog' and would always pick on my other male dog Sydney who is 3 months older than she is.

This past summer had been rocky enough when one day on August 7th something went terribly wrong. Everyone says you're in a 'better place' B.S... You didn't need to die lil girl
You were always mean to Sydney... Lying at the end of the stairs guarding him to not come down stairs... and how when every time someone came home you would greet them. You loved treats always wanted food. Peanut butter was your favorite. You always had us laughing with your sassiness. You would also make me mad when you jumped the fence everyday. Thought you would get hit… silly girl.

You always wanted to sleep on my bed but took ALL OF THE ROOM! haha but we made it work. I just never got to say goodbye and it sucks. You were so amazing and we are still in in shock.You were literally fine one minute and gone the next. FInding out cancer and a tumor attacked your heart in literally a day is horrible. You were so strong. But spending that last night with you holding your hand and seeing you grab tighter as I tried to scratch something was devastating. You tried to drink but had to lick from my finger tips. You were only 8 years old but acted like you were 2. :)

When it finally came down to put you to sleep it was beyond hard to watch you take your last breaths with us. Watching dad hold you and start bawling... broke my heart. "You're the hardest one" he whispered. He loved you so much. We all did. But saying goodbye to your dead body was heartbreaking. I didn't want to let go. Ahhh Sheila... You are honestly the best thing that's ever happened to me. Sydney is lost without you babe. We got you guys 2 months apart. I know you loved him deep down. haha;) but he loved you and he looks around the house and whines for you. I can't go 5 minutes without breaking down. But meet me at the gates sassy and we will play tug of war. This won't be easy day by day. Words can't explain how much we love you: RIP 6-29-04 to 8-8-12. SBS ♥

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Nov 12, 2012
by: Millie

To the family of dear Sheila, I know your pain, sure do. I had to put a few dogs down and it is the worst thing to have to go through, feeling the last breath on my hand and lifeless body.
Cry, break down. whatever it takes, and yes, being in a better place makes no sense at all when we are hurting so! I always want to go with them. Remember, down the road, when the time is right, God has another Sheila waiting for you. Believe me. Won't be the same one, but you will love the next one soo very much too. Just doesn't seem that way at this time. No one will take her place, but you will fill the void with another aussie, trust me. They remain in our hearts forever, gifts from God. Let us all know if and when you get a new love, ok? God bless you and He will bless you again with another Sheila- Millie

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