Short Hair And Pointy Ears?

by Ally

I have an Australian Shepherd puppy who is about 10 months old. I bought him from a farm, and he came from a small litter of Aussie's when he was about 8 weeks. When he was about 4 months old his ears perked up.

At 10 months now, he has pointy ears and is short haired. His undercoat is coming in right now around his rear quarters, and it's getting a little longer. His neck mane is coming in a tiny bit. His tail has always been longer. He has not been neutered yet.

Is this all semi normal for an Aussie? Or is there a possibility that he's a mix? And does neutering have anything to do with the dogs hair maturing? He's a sweetheart and totally energetic. I'm just curious if he's pure.

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by: Tom

I would do a DNA test on him / her

pointy ears
by: ken

To me your dog does not look like an Aussie, It has to be a mix

by: Alice

Looks like an Aussie/Corgi mix to me.

Cattle dog mix
by: Anonymous

He looks like an Australian cattle dog mix.

by: Anonymous

They might be an Aussie Cattle Dog.... or a mix.

My own Aussie
by: Caly

My Aussie looks exactly like that but has the blue merle coat so you're not alone. I think that our dogs may have a mix of Blue Heeler since they look alike to the Aussies and have the pointed ears.

by: Anonymous

That is definitely not a purebred Australian Shepherd. Has to be a mix of something, maybe a Heeler but not an Aussie. Doesn’t have their coat, ears, colors, etc.

A Heeler + Australian Shepard Mix
by: Robbie

My dog was from a farm too in Iowa. Mother was pure Australian Shepard and Father was Red Heeler. The two farmers(cattle farmers) were brothers and crossed the two breeds. My dog looks just like yours! She is female and has a merle coat. The two brothers in litter were blue eyes and red. In Texas this mix is called Texas Heeler.

She is very active but a great dog. Weighs about 33 pounds her mother was larger. I've had 5 dogs all mixed. I'm okay with mixed dogs.

Farmer was not sure if the Red Heeler or other Australian Shepard male took. Well, looks like her father was Red Heeler. She has a blue merle coat. Great dog! Have to play catch a lot to tire her out. Smart dog too. My dog looks just like yours (except Merle coat). I'm glad she is not pure. Does not bother me. Her personality is affectionate too. Big cuddle buddy after workout.

Your dog is a cutie. I love the mix. Texas Heeler is what I tell people.

Looks like a heeler
by: Anonymous

I think he is an Australian Cattle Dog mix, but if you want you can do an Embark DNA test to find out.

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