Short Haired Aussie: How Common Is This

by Kathy

Short haired Aussie

Short haired Aussie

I have been reading alot about this short haired Aussie. I too would have believed there was a mix, but it has happened to my litter of 9. Two have been slick haired at birth and both parents registered and long haired. I saw an ad for stud dog with short hair, but would produce long haired pups. What's the deal? Do we have any experts? Please let me know. Thanks.

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Short haired Aussie
by: Pam

I'd like to know too. I have a short haired Aussie as well

Short Haired
by: Anonymous

Don't know, but that pup has a sweet face!

Short hair.
by: Jim S.

At some point they might have bred an Australian Cattle dog in there and that's what pops up from time to time.
Cute puppy though.

by: gayle--big run aussies

Many times the adult coat is totally different from the puppy coat. Just wait and see. He's adorable!

by: gayle--big run aussies

You can also check the ASHGI website.

blue merle short haired
by: Kath

Thanks everyone for comments, he is a cute pup he is really growing but his coat looks almost like slick haired dog except his legs , I named him dane he is long legged and reminds me of a greatdane, but he is the most loveable pup he has a real layed back nature, makes a wonderful pet,I have 4 generation pedigree on his parents,so odd, if he does get an aussie coat will let you know, thanks

by: Anonymous

The herding lines tend to be leaner dogs with shorter hair.

Aussie mix pup
by: Anonymous

My pup is Aussie and Poodle, but she looks like a Chihuahua to me. Hope she grows out of it.

Short haired gene
by: Nene

There is a short haired gene. I have all my Aussies tested for genetic disorders and color traits. One of my Aussies carries the short haired gene. She is Sh/Lh. However she isn't really that short haired, which with that genetic code she should be short haired and she is a carrier for long haired. All my Aussies are registered with ASCA so they are pure no crosses.

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