Shots Before Socialization?

by Chris

I have a new Aussie puppy coming to my home in 1 week. The medical record from the breeder shows the puppy needs several shots (DA2PPL +CV, Rabies, etc.) over the next month.

Everything I've read and heard emphasizes socialization with people, animals, environments as a key in producing a confident, stable dog.

Must I wait till all shots are complete before socializing? Thanks!

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by: Neil

I would highly recommend you get the shots before exposure to other animals.

by: Tracey

You shouldn't take your puppy places where unvaccinated dogs may have been. However, the sensitive period between 8 weeks and 15 weeks is too vital to miss.
Be sensible and only take your puppy places that are not frequented by lots of dogs. If in doubt, carry your pup. Better to expose them to the sights and sounds than miss this critical chance to have a well socialised dog.
It is a risk taking your puppy out before its completed its course of vaccinations but its a risk you must way up and work around if your dog is to be a balanced adult. Arrange as many puppy play dates with vaccinated dogs and go to puppy class at least weekly.

(A side note of vaccinations, I am not an expert but I have done my research. A puppy is covered by its mothers antibodies for a few months. The problem is timing - if the antibodies are still present the vaccine wont be fully effective, this is why they administer 2 more rounds of the same vaccine over several weeks to ensure the mothers antibodies have worn off and the vaccine has taken effect.)

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