Should 9 Week Old Aussies Be Very Shy?

by Jennifer
(South Boston, Va)

I met a 9 1/2 week old Aussie yesterday with the hopes of bringing her home. She was very shy and would not come to me and really wanted nothing to do with me or my 3 kids. Now I don't know if I should get her or not. All the other people who have gotten dogs from this breeder said they turned out wonderful. Please help me make this decision!!

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Your Shy Auss
by: Anonymous

This is just my 2 cents. I think it depends on what you want in a dog. Although, I know many dogs are shy at first. Once they get used to you, you might be wishing they were shy again. Lol. I just got an aussie and it took a few days with me to warm up to me. They are extremely sensitive feeling dogs. The only warning I can give is, mine gets nervous and excited at times and piddles. I'm hoping she grows out of it.But it such a pain to deal with in the meantime. If your 9 week isn't doing that I would definitely get her. I think she just needs some love and security and she'll come around. But make a decision in your heart that if she remains shy or standoffish, you can live with it. I don't think you will though. They are such lovey dogs normally.

I got her!!
by: Jennifer

So I decided to go see her one more time before making my final decision. This time she was a different dog. We decided to give her a chance, something told me she couldn't be all bad. I was right, she's the most perfect little dog. Not to mention super smart! She sits, fetches and shakes all within 2 days. I am so glad we brought her home! The only thing I am going to have to work on her not jumping up on us, or she is going to knock my kids down when she gets older. Oh and she doesn't tinkle when she gets excited, thank goodness.

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