Should I Ask My Neighbor To Keep Their Dogs Away From The Fence Because They Frustrate My Dog?

My Aussie is a natural protector/guard dog and very territorial of his home turf. When he senses a threat or a tease, he barks with fury just like a guard dog does. Would it be wrong for me to ask my neighbor to restrict their backyard roaming space by about 8-10 feet away from the fence line?

This is because their dogs come up to the fence, at a certain spot, anytime, day or night, and peer into the yard which gets my dog all riled up.

My dog knows when they are at the fence even when he is in the house. It's hard to let him outside anymore because I dread the aggravation of always having to run to shut him up if he starts to bark at them.

I'm just wondering what others think.

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not neighbors fault
by: Anonymous

We have same issue with Trigger the Beagle. I had to use a section of mobile pet fence to make a half moon buffer in the corner where the action happens. This is only with Trigger. Neighbor behind has boxer and all get along.
While I fault Trigger it's not proper for me to tell neighbor to restrain there dog. My 2 cents.

Response to Not Neighbors Fault Anonymous
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your comment. The pow-wows happen in the corner of my yard too. The neighbor dogs bang against the fence and bark when my dog is in the yard or sometimes just to entice him to come out of the house. This sets my dog off. He perceives the banging as a threat to break in to his territory. So if he's let outside he reacts furiously. When I tell him to get away, he's reluctant. He has sort of a confused look, as if he doesn't understand why I'm telling him to back off when something harmful is trying to bust into his yard. It's his job. Then he will come into the house and look depressed. I feel it interferes with his psyche and is adding to his aggression towards men and kids.

Hard request to ask a neighbor
by: Ann

In all honesty, I would be offended if someone asked me to keep my dog 8-10 feet from my fence, since my dog should be able to roam around freely in my backyard. I know what you're going through though, since my Aussie is sometimes set off by my neighbor's dog that barks alllll the time. I just have to be consistent with my pup to tell him to stop barking. While having a guard dog is nice for alerting me to something that might be different from the norm, I don't want him barking for something that I have indicated is fine. So, unfortunately, I think the barking lies on your side by letting your pup know when it is okay to bark and not bark, since their neighbor dog really isn't a threat.

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