Should I Get An Aussie? HELP

by Katie
(Allentown, PA)

I live in a suburb. I go to school during the day but my dad could let it outside while I'm gone in our fenced in yard. We have a Springer Spaniel who is very mellow and NOT dominant or aggressive at all but he is our baby so will he be jealous? He does really like other dogs so will he like living with one or be jealous?

Would a hour walk or run next to a bike once a day after school be enough for an Aussie. I can also play frisbee with it and take it swimming and to a dog park on the weekends. Would it go stir crazy and chew and dig? Are they crate trainable for when were not home?

Please help I really want an Aussie because of how smart they are but would it be too smart I am not afraid to discipline a dog so I can be dominant? Please help me because I want an Aussie because of their great personality and everything but don't want it to be too energetic and go stir crazy with bad behaviour.

So please let me know if you think an Aussie could adapt to my lifestyle because I have heard stories of Aussies that couldn't and had to be given away and I don't want that to happen.

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Lots of work
by: Anonymous

I have 2 Aussies and they are a lot of work, time and energy. One hour a day is not enough for these high energy dogs. They need more than being let out, they need running, training and a job. I love our Aussies and would not own any other breed but with that said, I also know the work that I have to put into them.

If I worked and had to be away from home all day, I would not get an Aussie. There are other great dogs that might be more suitable to your lifestyle.

Good luck!

by: Anonymous

I understand that you want an Aussie because you've heard alot of good things about them,and how smart they are,but already have a dog, that is mellow and easy going, to bring an Aussie into the mix could stir things up. Maybe they'll get along, and everything will be fine, but if the other dog is your "baby" and you really don't have the time during the week to help the Aussie adapt/ajust and burn up all his might be asking for trouble...for al concern, you, your dog and the new Aussie.
I have to agree with the other person, perhaps you can look into a differnt breed(if you're looking for a playmate for your already existing dog, or just a dog with a more"fun" nature.) I know Labs and Golden retrievers are also great, good natured, fun dogs, who also love to play frisbe and go swimming,but require alot less Energy.
wish you the best.

by: Katie

Thanks for ur advice but I still really want one I talked to my vet and they u can tell when there puppies if there very energetic so I spend slot of time with the breeders puppies and will bring my dog to see how they get along. I have an excersize schedule planned: 30 min morning walk Play in fenced in yard with other dog as needed during day and play ball inside, because my dad doesn't work, jog by my bike for an hour after school. Play frisbee in big field by my house. Go to bed. Swim and dog park on weekends is that enough? And what do u think of Ross Mar Kennels?

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