Should I Neuter My Male Aussie?

by Chloe

I have a 17 month old male Aussie and have continuously asked for advice from training classes, vets, breeders, the lot! But no one seems to give a straight answer. He is fully trained and is doing very well at his agility classes, however for the last two months he's developed a sudden interest in other dogs. There's a neutered male at training club that he cannot take his eyes off, he ignores everything I have to say!

At agility, in the middle of a course he will run off and start sniffing around. At the park he just follows other dogs and only occasionally comes back when I call. I have no problem with aggression, marking, mounting, it's purely this sudden interest in dogs! So my question is, is it time to get him neutered or is this purely just age? I'm hoping it's something he will grow out of because he's affected mdr1 so neutering really is a last resort. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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by: Anonymous

MDR1 carrier is no reason to not get your dog neutered. Just ask the vet to familiarize themselves with the drugs to avoid on the Washington State University website. There aren't that many drugs that affect them, so really, they should be no bigger anesthetic risk than any other breed.

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