Should I Take My Mini To A Vet?

by Anne

My Mini Aussie is just about 11 weeks old and his balls have not really acended. Should I be concerned or is he ok?

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Retained testicles?
by: Ranee

He's a baby--I'd relax just a bit. Point it out to your vet on the next regular visit, which should be between 12-16 weeks for his rabies vac. I've known boy pups not to have much of anything till 4 months or more. Even if they aren't descending, he can be neutered and avoid all the problems associated with the problem by 6-9 months of age. I assume, since you had to ask the question, that you are not a breeder and therefore, have no intent or business breeding him anyway. So this isn't something to worry about even in the worst case scenario.

Enjoy your baby.

Should I take my mini to a vet
by: Anne Calmes

I agree, just watch the puppy and ask the vet to check at his next visit.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies

Re: Testicles
by: Anonymous

I agree with Ranee, he is just a baby however, this does not mean that they WILL drop. This is not a concern at the moment but you should keep a close eye on them. It is much more common for only one to drop,but two is more serious. The sooner you get him neutered (not before 6 months though) the better. He is at a much higher risk for cancer and other health problems! Also, if he remains a 'crypt orchid' and they do not drop, you should not use him for breeding as this can be passed down to his offspring.

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