Should I Take On A 2 Year Old Male?

A friend has a 2 year old male that she is trying to find a good home for. He is not house or crate trained and is not used to a fenced in back yard. He is used to roaming freely and she feels like he needs boundaries. He is great with children and other dogs.

I have an eleven year old Border Collie who is wonderful and loving, not a mean bone in her body. I have two young children and a fenced in back yard. We are an active family but both of us work.

My question is... am I crazy for wanting to take this dog on? Do you think a 2 year old male will be quick to house/crate train. I haven't met him yet and would like to see if he minds at all before coming to live with us, but just want to hear from Aussie owners/lovers if this could work?

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not so much
by: Anonymous

You have an 11 year old dog, that's easy going now and your home is relaxed. you have small children, and you work, this 2 year old is not really trained. This could spell disaster for all of you in so many ways. Honestly I wouldn't. maybe if you were going to be home more,and/or if your other dog was younger. I really don't think this is fair to either dog. Sorry, wish I could say differently, but I speak from experience. best to you

taking on a 2 year old male
by: Anne Calmes

Meet the dog first and if you think he will be a good fit for your family, adopt him.
Get him neutered, that will stop him from wanting to roam. It is not hard to train a male at all.
Hope this helps.
Let me know what happens and if you have any more questions...please ask
~Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies

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