Should We Get a Second Australian Shepherd? (Caveats Apply)

by Marie

We have a 1.5 year Australian Shepherd who is a total velcro dog (and we love it). He is very social with both people and other dogs. To facilitate this we take him to doggie daycare. He loves it and comes home tired and content to chill.

We are considering adopting a one-year-old who is the exact same size as Koda. We will meet and greet of course to see if they would be playmates but our concern is we can’t afford daycare for both of them—so he would be gaining a brother, but losing daycare (at least with the frequency he enjoys now). I’m not sure if that would be a win or lose for him.

What are yours thoughts?

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2 or 1
by: Noella

I have two 8 month olds now. It's much easier with one dog.

But they play all day with each other.

But, there are double expenses as well. Hard call to make. Sometimes I wish I had only one dog.

Loading and uploading to my SUV is a lot.
I noticed mine don't want to fetch or play with us because they have each other.

Your call. See how they do together. One will be dominant.


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