Show Versus Pet Quality

by Joan Cunningham
(Landenberg, PA USA)

In starting my research for an Aussie pup I see references to "pet" quality versus show quality. Should the breeder advise you the reason the dog was deemed pet quality? And second what price ranges should a buyer expect for "pet" quality versus "show" quality?

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Show Versus Pet Quality
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry that I do not have an answer, because I believe that it only should say "Dog quality". For me, that is all that matters.

re:show vs pet
by: Aussie Friend

MOST breeders will advertise as 'pet' quality. All breeders know that they may only get one show quality pup out of several litters, therefore, the rest would be sold as 'pet' quality.This can mean a variety of things. The conformation,color,markings, or anything else considered a 'fault' to the breeder who knows it is not going to do well in the show ring would be sold as 'pet' quality. Some breeders have no interest in breeding 'show' dogs so therefore only advertise 'pet' quality puppies regardless.This does NOT mean the puppies are any less of a good dog than a 'show' dog. Some breeders breed just to breed GOOD house pets and love the aussie breed. Another difference could be that the pups arent registered. This too doesnt make them any less of a good dog or any better of a dog. THere are many reasons/differences between 'show' and 'pet' quality. Unless you plan on showing your aussie in conformation or plan to hit the show ring, I would recomend picking the most reputable breeder,that raises her/his puppies in a safe and loving environment,and cares for the future of the pup in a loving and caring family and not someone who does it just for the money. Also, just because it may be a breeder of pet quality pups, doesnt mean the parents should not have been tested for hip displaysia,eye defects,etc. Good luck in whatever puppy you choose. Either way, you should end up with a healthy, loyal best friend.

Show vs pet quality
by: Anonymous

I am no expert! But I believe it has to do with the registry of the parents. American Kennel Association (AKC), National Dog Stock Registry (NDSR), Austrailian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA). Puppies get the same alphabet as their parents. You can still compete in AKC events, ralley and agility, if your Aussie is a pure breed by applying for an alternative AKC number. So, it all depends on what you want to do with your new puupy. I think the most important thing is finding a good breeder. You can find lots of advice on the web.

I don't know what is a good price. You can compare between breeders, taking into account breeder reputation and the dog's registries. I paid $750 for a pet quality Blue Merle. We are competing for fun with an alternate AKC number.

Good luck!!

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