Shyness Of New People

My female Aussie is 10 months old and started being shy of new people around 3 months old. She is now barking at new people. She is not afraid of loud noises or anything else. I take her to work everyday and she is great with those she knows. Do Aussies mature out of this as they gain more confidence? She is a great little dog in every other area.

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We have two Aussies who are half-sisters. Maggie is a brown eyed, black tri toy Aussie of 14 lbs. Bailee is a blue eyed, blue merle mini Aussie of 24 lbs. Maggie is shy but right now Bailee is showing signs of fear aggression. We are working with a trainer to socialize them more. We have had some really good days this week and seen some real progress. You may want to check into a trainer - maybe at your local PetSmart.

Same Problem
by: Anonymous

My dog was really nervous, but you can fix it pretty easy because they're so smart.

1. Find a good friend that your dog doesn't know and have them hang around for an hour or so everyday for about a week.
2. When that friend comes over, have your friend give them a treat when they first meet and a couple during the meeting, and always holding the treat bag in their pocket.
3. Take your dog to the dog park often and let the people there know that your dog is being a little baby and if he comes up to them, tell them not to give him any attention and just let him get used to them.

That's how we got my dog to stop being a little dum-dum and now he's the belle of the ball.

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