Sight Issues With Merle/Merle Miniature Australian Shepherd

Hello, I have an 8 month old Miniature Aussie. She is a blue merle without any brown marking, her mother was a red merle and father a blue merle. I was wondering if a red merle/blue merle cross would result in puppies with sight and hearing problems as well. My pup has good hearing but she does squint when the lights are turned on and it seems to take her a while to adjust. I'm just looking to find out if this could be a problem or if it is normal for a dog to squint or take longer to adjust to different brightness of light.


Note from Anton: More information about homozygous merles here.

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don't dispair
by: Anonymous

what color is your puppys eyes? I understand that blue eyes, are more sensative to light, therefore, should not be outside, in bright light for long periods of time.

also there is a condition known among merles regardless of color, it is known as Homozygous, you should read up on that.

wish you and your pup the best.

Sight Issues
by: Anne

Yes, Merle to Merle breedings do create sight and hearing problems. Your aussie puppy must have a lot of white around their eyes and on their head.
Unfortunately your mini aussie will have this problem for the rest of its life.
If you need more info, please e-mail me at

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

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