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Sirius Black

by Julia
(Costa Mesa, CA)

My puppy is named Sirius Black after the Harry Potter Character. I saw his picture online and even though I wasn't looking to purchase a puppy, much less an Australian Shepherd, it was love at first site.

Had him shipped from Montana. So happy to have him. At 8 weeks, he was already potty trained, able to walk on a leash, sat, stay.

Within 24 hours of having Sirius, I was walking him on leash in front of my house when a dog, who was off leash with owner, attacked us both.

My poor puppy was all chewed up and I was bitten by the other dog as well. Poor puppy, bleeding in my arms, I rushed him to emergency case and he underwent several hours of surgery while I endured stitches in the emergency room.

Afraid he'd hate other dogs, we immediately exposed him to some nice smaller dogs who our friends owned. Sirius, however, was still afraid to go outside at night.

We worked through that he he's almost back to normal. What a brave and loving dog he is. So smart and good hearted. My husband, who is an avid outdoors person, is going to train him for search and rescue.

We Love Our Sirius Black.

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breeder info?
by: Rae

We have an Aussie and I'd love to get him a friend like your little sweetie! Will you share the name of your breeder? Thanks!

Dog Spray
by: Carmine

As a retired disgruntled postal worker, I can attest to the effectiveness of dog spray. It stops them in their tracks. The stuff we used was called "Halt". I always carry some when I'm with the dogs.

defense against other dogs
by: califmom

I walk with dog pepper spray that I got from It sprays a stream 10 feet, so you can get them before they get to you. I have used it twice and it is very effective. And it won't permanently damage the dog like a stick would.

by: Anonymous

We adopted an abused Aussie named Lissie. After working with her and overcoming many issues my husband mike was walking her and 4 dogs from one family attacked her. She rolled on her back and was bitten quite a few times before my husband who walks with a stick defended them off. Lissie now is very aggressive with other big dogs, and especially protective of me. Its terrible the irresponsibility of some dog owners. Lissie wont even go near the house where she was attacked. Dogs dont forget and I dont think she will ever be the same. We Love her and are so thankful she came into our lives. I think its good to walk with a stick or something so you and the dog have some defense. Marlene

Sirius Black
by: Nonnie

What a beautiful boy !!! I love the name. My daughter and I are Harry Potter fans sand I love Sirius and Professor Snape.

I am so sorry about your experience and I agree the other dog owner should be taking responsibility for the injuries. It sounds like Sirius is making great progress and i am so glad for that.

I would love to see pictures of him as he grows. He is going to be absolutely gorgeous. We have a female blue-eyed blue merle mini Aussie, Bailee Joy, who is 2-1/2 years old. We also have her half-sister, Maggie Mae, a toy black tri.

by: jcrply

Love the name!
Many decades ago I had a dog named Sirius. Sirius is the extremely bright blue star in the constellation Canis Major, near Orion. Sirius is also called the "Dog Star".

by: kym

Oh my gosh! I am so sorry to hear about your ordeal! That is very unfortunate! I hope he continues to mend both physically and mentally. I am sure you will find that aussies are very resilient. They are very good at overcoming obstacles, especially when they have a family that understands them and can help without hindering.
You are doing the right thing by introducing him to nice,quiet,gentle dogs. He should regain his confidence in no time!
Good luck with your baby! He is very cute!

Sirius Black
by: Anne

Wow, what an experience...I surely hope you are pursuing some type of responsibility out of the other owner whos dog attacked you both.
Sorry to hear that BUT glad you are both recovering well.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

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