Six Month Old Australian Shepherd With Diarrhea

My six month old Australian Shepherd has had diarrea and soft stool for the past 2 days and seems to be doing more sleeping then usual today. Any suggestions? What should I do?

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6 mth old aussie with Diarrhea
by: Anne

Bring your puppy to the vet ASAP. Puppies get so many things that can cause diarrhea. Unless it is as simple as you changed your aussie's food... I would take it to the vet.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

Change his diet
by: Anonymous

I would change his diet slowly to a more natural one. Has anything changed in his life lately? Has there been any physical or mental stress in his life? I changed my dogs diet to an all natural one (I make his all of his food) and I have noticed a huge change. His bowel movements are much smaller (it used to be like having a cow living in my back yard!), his coat is gorgeous and he seems much more calm and relaxed. It is amazing what a good diet can do not only for your dog but for yourself! Every time my dog got diarrhea, my vet would tell me to feed him some rice until it went always worked. Best of luck!

Agree with Comment #1
by: Anonymous

I would get her to the vet and you might as well bring a stool sample with you to make the process move faster. Our Aussie puppy had similar problems since we bought her from the breeder and it turned out to be giardia. Since she took the antibiotics she has been much healthier (solid stools, more energy, no gas).

soft stools
by: Anonymous

My pup had soft stools for a few days, when I was switching from wet to dry. My vet suggested pumpkin. I mixed the pumpkin, organic pumpkin, no sugar added (not pumpkin pie mix) with his dry food, and it almost immediately fixed the problem! Mixed it for a day or so, then went to dry only, his stools are harder and healthy!
The problem was switching too fast.

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