Size Question About Mini Aussie

by Errlee

I have a 9 month old Mini Aussie who now weighs 47 pounds! We knew he would be on the big side, since his mom was 33 and his dad was 37 pounds but we are quite surprised that he is so much bigger (and well outside the range for a mini). Just curious how common this is - I love my puppy, but we were planning on a much smaller dog, lol. My husband keeps wondering if we met "fake" parents :)

Anyone else have a non-mini Mini?

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Non-mini aussie
by: Anonymous

I have a one yr old mini male who is also over the top of the mini size, he is 18.5 inches at the shoulder. He weighs 30 lbs but is still filling out. Both his parents were big, 16.5 and 17 inches, so I am not really surprised. Both your pups parents are big as well, so not unusual. Not always predictable!

by: Mary H

Sounds like you have a standard size Aussie. Mine is 55lbs and he is considered a standard. More to love :)

House Training Aussies
by: Brenda Gibson

We have a 4 year old female. She was literally the most horrible dog to house train. We would keep her out for endless hours and she would not go. Take her in and she would go in the house. We tried everything from standard training to punishment and none of it worked. It took having puppies for her to start going outside regularly. Is this common? They are a great loving breed ans wonderful with kids. A little high strung and very active. She needs a lot of exercise. Considering another dog, but I will not get another Mini Aussie if this is a breed problem. It was not a good situation. She even went in her crate.

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