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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care
Guide To Australian Shepherd Training and Care

Skin Problems With A Lot Of Scratching

by Roberta Hoper
(Red Bluff Ca, 96080)

I have a Mini Aussie who is a little over three years old. He itches constantly. I have eliminated fleas, mites or bugs and many different foods. I understand that it takes six weeks to notice but there is no change. He bites his feet, he even feels like he has some hot spots under his arms and legs. Please help, I have been doing so much research but everyone just wants me to try their products. I would highly appreciate some response from someone.

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by: Anonymous

I just had my Aussie to the vet for this very same thing... she thinks it's a food allergy and has put her on Natural Balance food, which is grain free. The food is costly, but I have definitely seen improvement in her. Hope this helps.

by: Wilda

Have you tried detoxifying him? I go to a holistic Vet, and she has told me for my boy, was to detox, with liver pills, and some other small bottles(3 pk you buy it at a health store), it did help mine with the itchies. It seems after awhile, their system just gets glogged, or overwhelm(pretty much like us humans) and thats when you come down with allergies(immune system is compromised).
I hope this helps, wish you the best

by: Anonymous

We were having issues of this nature with our Aussie several weeks ago. She had a horrible red itchy rash on her belly and inner thighs. She also had itchy, red feet. Two days after a bath it would come right back with black tar looking mess between her toes. Long story short... it was a yeast infection on her feet, treated with KetoChlor lotion. And the belly rash was a peanut allergy. Go figure.. pets have allergies too. Best of luck to you and your Aussie in figuring out the cause of her itching.

Re: Skin Problems
by: Anonymous

I have never had an aussie with a skin problem, but I do have a white german shepherd I aquired that does. I tried everything under the sun with her (she also has a compromised immune system)
Try putting fish oil in her food. It releives itching, scratching, dry skin, helps with shedding and its good for joints. You can buy the capsules or (as I do) buy the liquid, and add to food daily. Hope this helps!

Skin Problems
by: Roseanna

I had the same problem. I changed food to a Salmon based product. That did not work. I found a product called 'Banixx', it's a anti-fungal, anti-bacterial. It's used for horses, you can get it at feed stores. It works in a matter of days. Aussie's usually get itchie in the summer on their tummies. They always lick, so don't worry, just get used to it. If they have an oder from the mouth, get it checked right away. Something is wrong...

Itchy red rash on belly and inner thighs
by: Catherine S

She gets this maybe once every two years, no fleas, mites, etc, but l give her an antibiotic shot and it usually goes away, but it comes back again and she is eleven now and a little overweight. I have been thinking of soaking her in Oatmeal Aveeno baths, but she is also getting skin tags on inner thighs, so she keeps licking and biting at it. Taking her to vet again tomorrow, but it is driving me crazy because l know how irritating these things can be. At a loss, but if u have any luck let me know. Thanks.

by: patty

how often can I shampoo my aussie because I use shampoo for itching

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