Sleeping Through The Night

Just got a 7 week old red tri puppy. The first night at home we put her in a crate and it was a rough evening (mostly crying). How can we properly train her to sleep through the night?

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Lonely Girl
by: Kathy

Your little baby is only 7 weeks old, very young to be pulled from her litter. Everything familiar to her has been taken away. She is understandably upset and missing her mother and siblings. That is why she cries.

Give her some time - this will pass. She needs lots of TLC while she makes the adjustment to her new home.


Puppy crying at night :)
by: Colin

It takes time. The first few times I put my puppy in the crate were harder on me than it was on him. At night when he'd wake up and cry it would only take him seeing me and knowing I was close to calm him down. I did fall asleep on the floor a couple times because "WE" were playing angry birds to calm down... It was a bonding experience.... hahaha :)

Sleeping through the night
by: Nonnie

Your puppy is just a baby - and young to be taken from her mother. You are now her mother !!! You can tell that since she calms down when she hears your voice or sees you. Sometimes it might just take you talking to her to settle her down. I am assuming her crate is near your bed. You might consider putting a shirt that you have worn in the crate with her.

Good luck - it will work out. Aussies are very very smart !!

tons of treats do the trick
by: Denise

You got her too early. Be patient. My puppy hated his crate at beginning as well. To get him settled I used to give him tons of treats inside his crate. I didn't give him treat when he was out of crate. after few weeks he knew that crate was the place to be for treats and naps... Until today before bed he goes to his crate on his own but he always finds a nice treat waiting for him. good luck.

Puppies in crates
by: Kathy

One thing that I did with both my Aussie puppies after putting them in the crate is to cover the crate most of the way with a blanket or beach towel. That gave the puppy privacy and it worked for us.

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