Sleepy Aussie

My 1.5 year old Aussie doesn't like to play, isn't incredibly interested in treats, and I'd say she's interested in me about 85% of the time. However my Aussie Collie, mom is an Aussie, dad is a Border Collie, loves her kennel and sleeping. She is also anything but affectionate. When we try obedience training she quickly wants to hide no matter how I try to change my voice. She likes to run but only with other dogs her size and often tumbles (is that normal?). I'm just worried I'm not giving her enough love or whatever she may need. She did live in a yard for the first year of her life with little interaction. She has great herding instincts while on the ranch she grew up on, but with me she will occasionally want to play tag. She does have this weird sense/connection to me when I have anxiety attacks she will jump up and make me pet her.

How do I get her interested in toys and training? Is she normal?

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Sleep Aussie
by: Anonymous

Sounds as if your baby dog has a gift. My Aussie is most happy when he's working. Possibly you might want to look into training him to be a service/support animal for you. You don't have to actually make him one.... just give him the job and see what happens. A working Aussie is a happy Aussie.

In response to your Auss/Border Collie
by: Nancy

I have a border collie and a aussie shepherd. Both born in November and will be two this coming November. I can tell you that some of your dogs behavior is very much like my border collie!
My border collie is very entertaining. She tumbles around. She flips herself over like a summer salt, etc. There is a lot of "crazy" in border collies. Both my dogs almost seem like cats. They are interested in me when "they feel like it". Otherwise they are ignoring me and doing their own thing. Focused on whatever play with each other or what squirrel or bird has come on to our back yard fence. I can yell their name and they don't hear me. Its frustrating. Also I have anxiety too, the second my breathing changes both dogs are quickly at my feet. The border collie is licking me, trying to stand on me, puts her face in mine, and is very attentive it almost seems concerned for me. Even if I fake a wimper noise she will do it. I use treats to try to get my dogs to do tricks, etc. I think you just need to work with them every day for a little bit. Both my dogs are big fans of frizbees!! They also love the ropes in pets stores that are about a 1" in diameter and made of a million little strands of string. They love tug of war with that. Some aussie's are not all energetic. My aussie is very low key. She has been since a pup. It makes it kind of boring at times. But, then again, its nice to relax once in awhile too. Dogs just are as individual as people. These types of breeds tend to bond strongly with the owner eventually and some like mine, don't like it when others come around. They are very protective. Especially my aussie. She had an issue with another dog being introduced to her at 7 months, the other dog became aggressive, she wasn't hurt but it did cause fear aggression. My vet told me there are stages in a dogs life that if anything traumatic affects them it can really traumatize them. 7 months is one of those stages. Hang in there and keep trying to love her every day. My border collie pulls away from me when I try to love on her but she has made improvement. I just stay consistent and try to stay in a routine. They don't like change. Moving homes, or changes in routine is hard on them. They are very sensitive to any loud noises or arguing. If my husband and I argue it will literally affect them as if they were human. I thinks she is as normal as the combo of breeds can possibly be lol. I got a book on amazon called 101 dog tricks you might want to look at that, these dogs love being able to perform for treats and praise. Its by Kyra Sun dance and Chalcy. Let me know if need anymore help! Good luck! : )

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