by Luna

My Aussie keeps showing his teeth when happy or content. It looks like he's smiling. I've never had an Aussie before this one. Is this a common trait?

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by: Anonymous

YES !!!

by: Anne

Yes, it is VERY common.
here is a link just for fun

Enjoy the smiles

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

My Poster Girl
by: Kathy

My Aussie, Kylie, is a great smiler. Her favorite thing is to smile when I'm cleaning her teeth (I use a q-tip). She sits very still and lifts her lips for me. Most dogs hate tooth cleaning but Kylie makes it a pleasure.

She also smiles when she does something mischievous and gets 'caught'.


by: Anonymous

yes, I love that feature about this breed. very common.


i had an aussie, sparky, who smiled and so did his father....they called his father "smiley". sparky smiled at my son and also mt daughter in law as he loved! them. i sure loved spark! he's in heaven with harley and my husband now. have another aussie now, love him also.

Brighty's sweet smile
by: MJ

My Australian Shepherd, Brighty, was the sweetest dog you could ever meet. She would smile at people when she greeted them. I use to joke that she was a good guard dog because many people didn't realize that she was smiling and thought she was baring her teeth. Her tail was docked too short and you had to look closely to see it wagging to beat the band also.

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