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Snicker Doodle (Just Thought I'd Share :-))

by Dani Lee

hah! i love how his personality comes through here, like he's mad he got a bath! lol

hah! i love how his personality comes through here, like he's mad he got a bath! lol

We have an Aussie named Snickers. I just have to say I am amazed at how incredible he is with my daughter! She is almost 16 mo. And can do no wrong in his eyes. The other day I put her in her play pen while I changed loads of laundry around. I shut the gate behind me and when I came up stairs I could hear a jumping noise, sure enough he was jumping up and down like a rabbit to play with her! Tonight he wanted to come into the family room but we unknowingly had the pack n play in front of where he usually comes through, we found out when he cleared the couch! I can't believe he can jump like this, I've tried getting the frisby thing going, with no luck... now I'm wondering if we can do something with his jumping... hmm

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by: Anonymous

I just signed my aussie up for agility class starting next week. I can't wait. It's right down the road from me. Check out This doggy day care is the best. They are now offering agility classes.

Agility trains the owner how to train the Aussie
by: Devery

I started an agility class with my then 1.5 year old male Aussie who has an attitude. I was having issues with re-call especially. Started learning the basics of agility and my boys' response was amazing. He loves the class and I have learned how to handle a challenging Aussie. Can't say enough good things about agility and Aussies'

jumping, biting
by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Did you check out my article about frisbee on this website. You might find it insightful.

My dogs have jumped the couch, too. One of my aussies jumped my mom's couch because he was afraid of her giant orange cat. Sera used to jump the couch so that she would not get in her great grandma's face-- Tini who ruled the Aussie world with an iron paw!
Agility would be great for him. Make sure you get his hips checked before you start anything. I know that sounds silly knowing that he can jump anything, but its best to be on the safe side. My husband could not believe when I started my dogs in agility. "You're TEACHING them to jump?" was his question. But its controlled jumping. When I used to show one of my dogs in conformation, he used to look around for the jumps. That was his life! Have fun. Agility is as much fun as an Aussie can have.

Frisbe training
by: Jewel's Momma

I have a 1 year old aussie, my first one. I didn't know all the awesome stuff you can do with these dogs. Do some research on the internet and find a club in your area. They will teach you how to teach your aussie. You can start training now; he's not too young. I started training my dog when she was two months old, they are so smart!

by: Anonymous

My aussie, Cali, loves to jump also. She does not like frisbees but loves to jump for her tennis ball. I throw it so it bounces high on the first bounce - she jumps up and catches it and brings it back to me. She loves it. If she misses, she is disappointed. I just signed her up for agility class - she does not like other dogs and is timid around new people so I hope she can adapt to the training - I am excited about it.

How to teach frisbee
by: Sandy Murphy

If your dog won't catch a frisbee, try rolling the frisbee along the ground to start with. Start with short distances and gradually go farther. There are classes available. I know of one in Lapeer, so check around in your area. I take my aussie for agility and am starting a class next week for frisbee tricks.

I warn you though, that once your dog is catching a frisbee, he will probably become obsessive about it!

great idea!!thanks ;-)
by: dani

Oh! Man I wish!!! I have no idea how to get involved with it, how to train... i m going to have to see if there's a club or a class for it. But he will be 2 in june, is that too young to start? I think this spring we may try it out. Thanks for the idea!! :-)

by: Anonymous

he is cute, and you're right his personality does show through. yes, they can jump really high, its incredible. its good to have a dog who's great with your baby girl.

Agility Candidate
by: Anonymous

Sounds like the perfect candidate for agility! Go for it!

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