Socializing And Exercising Our Aussie Pup

by Andi Chuckry
(St. Catharine, Ontario)

Our puppy Stella, is full of energy. She is now 10 weeks old and doesn't finish her immunizations for another 6 weeks. She was raised the first 8 weeks on a farm and had very little integration with humans. She is very shy around new people (not around my family then she is our Tazmainian devil) We feel we really need to socialize her soon but are not supposed to expose her to other dogs until shots are complete, what can we do? Also we try to take her on one good walk a day (weather permitting as she hates the rain) for at least an hour. Is that long enough? We could walk for way longer but worry we are over exercising her. What is the norm? Thanks so much for your tips. Andi and Stella puppy.

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Socializing And Exercising
by: Anonymous

Socialising should start as soon as possible - puppies are sponges up to about 12 weeks old so quickly learn how to get on with other dogs etc during this time. Don't leave it any longer! There should not be a problem - in fact the chances of anti-social behaviour developing are much higher than picking up some illness. Many more dogs are euthanased for bad behaviour as adults than die from such diseases.

Exercise should also be very short at this age too. Their young joints should not be stressed with walks of longer than 15 mins at this age - even less if at the beach! Their hearts may keep them going for hours - the damage will only be evident later in life by which time it will be too late. Please don't do it.

Socializing And Exercising Our Aussie Pup
by: Ana

My dog had the same attitude when she was young because she was also born in a farm, but she got over it when we took her out to play with other dogs when she had all her shots at 4 month of age. So, don?t worry about it. Aussies are always shy at first impression, but they get comfortable right away.
The amount of exercise that you are giving to your dog is great at this time. You will need to increase your space or just try to play fetch with a ball so your dog will have a good run, they love that!!!

Socializing pups
by: Anonymous

I have a new 10 week old Aussie pup, too. After reading Cesar Millan and Monks of New Skete's books on puppies, I take him to areas where there might be a good chance of meeting people, but little chance of meeting dogs, such as sitting outside at the coffee shop, the lobby of my apartment, walking by the swimming pool. It seems to be working well.

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