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Socializing and Housetraining a 5-Year-Old Retired Australian Shepherd Breeder

by Irene

In her bed

In her bed

My 5-year-old retired female breeder is not house trained or leash trained. She is scared and will not walk with me. She has only lived with me for 5 days.

Is there any technique for increasing her comfort level?

She has a crateand it is her safe place. Now she doesn't want to come inside. She was kept in a run with another female at the breeders, and in a large barn with many stalls for pairs of dogs in the winter.

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Slow and steady
by: Anonymous

Keep her "safe place" crate near you with the door open. Let her acclimate. Might take a while after all that time living with whatever piece of s__t treated her like that.

by: Anonymous

Our Aussie was three when we got her from a breeding farm. She was accustomed to running with a large pack and living with the pack in a barn. She was "housebroken".

Leaving her home of three years, she didn't know where her pack went, didn't know us, or her new surroundings. She was frightened, and rightly so.;

It will take time for both of you to gain comfort and confidence with each other. Be patient, establish routines for her, and outside time schedule for walks, and to anticipate her needs. Use training treats and kind words. With time you will become her new pack. She will be very obedient and protective. She is a very intelligent animal and will be a joy in your life... Good luck to both of you.

Retired breeding dogs
by: Anonymous

Wow, not even house trained. You have a lot of work to do, but slow and easy steps are best. My dogs have always taken comfort from a big stuffed toy we give them, and it might help your dog feel less alone. It is likely uncertain being away from its companions.
I would consult a trainer, or at least give a lot of treats and gentle encouragement. Maybe put a short leash on the dog to wear at all times to get accustomed to it before trying to walk.
Aussies learn quickly to ring a bell at the door to be let out to pee.
Overall, give the dog the time it needs to settle in.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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