Socializing Issues

by Kyla Plumlee
(Watsonville, Ca)

I have a 7 month old Mini Aussie. He is struggling with socializing! He can not seem to handle the dog park at all, while being at a human park with me and my toddler seems like torture to him! I am not sure where the behaviors come from since he is wonderful with our other two dogs at home, and never has issues around people at our house. Any ideas would be wonderful!

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by: Anonymous

I happen to be an Aussie owner who avoids dog parks, so I can't help you with that. As for the human park or other places where your dog can interact with people, you could carry some very yummy little treats with you and give them to adults and kids to feed to your dog. If your dog is food motivated at all, this may help a lot. You might want the kids to ask your dog for a "sit" before giving the treat. Most pet shops allow people to bring their dogs in on leashes. Your dog may enjoy the amazing variety of smells in these shops and the interactions at a distance or up close with other dogs and people. Since the people there are dog-people, you will probably find lots of people who enjoy interacting with your pup ..... and who will feed him the treats that you bring.

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