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Something To Chew On

by Vivian

What do you recommend for my nine month old Mini Aussie to chew? He goes right through toys and he doesn't like the Kong. The first one he ate part of it! He is a real good chewer. He has a hollow bone that I can fill and he loves that, I just need something else for when he gets bored with that one. Thanks!

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by: Anonymous

my 9 month old min Aussie seems pretty content with his nylabone. And from what i have read about them they are safe and good for them.

by: Anastasia Collett

My Aussie KEIRA once had a chocolate bone and a chicken bone. These are special bones so they can stay longer for years! No matter how much KEIRA chewed it, it never broke! She just ended up licking them. The only place I can think of to look for them is in: PAWS AND CLAWS in Hoddesdon

Something to chew on
by: Deb M

I get round bones from the local market. They will cut them to size if you ask them. I keep them in the freezer until I'm ready to give them to my Mini Aussie. She just loves them and chews on them for hours. The marrow has made her coat shiny. Good luck. Some dogs just don't like manufactured dog toys!

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