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Sookie Monster

by Lindsey Estep
(Morgantown, WV)

Sookie loves to be outside no matter the weather.

Sookie loves to be outside no matter the weather.

Sookie is our 2-year-old blue merle Aussie. She loves to run, sing (aka howl), run, high-five, eat peanut butter, and run some more! Sookie has one very light blue eye, and one eye that is half brown and half blue. She loves her grumpy big sister, Dixie (13-year-old boxer), and doesn't know a stranger. She's especially excited about the six new baby chicks that we are raising this spring, and is learning the art of gentleness. :)

In December 2012, Sookie had a run-in with a giant delivery truck that left her nursing two broken hind legs. For weeks, we served as her back legs - looping a towel under her belly to support her while she "wheelbarrowed" outside with two full-leg splints. Within three short months, Sookie is back to her sweet, cheerful self and is quickly regaining her fitness too.

Comments for Sookie Monster

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by: Deb

I know that sick feeling of realizing your dog has just been slammed by a car! :-/ so glad that she was able to heal! Our 2.5 year old black tri was hit on a highway when she got scared of some drums and bolted, my husband ran after her but couldnt get there in time to stop her from getting slammed by a big F-150. We could not find her after she was hit and could only assume she had run off to die quietly. Miraculously, after searching on foot for hours, she found her way back super scared with some bruises, a puncture wound and pretty scraped up. Aussies are the love of my husbands and my life!

by: Keith

My Ozzy has the 1/2 blue 1/2 brown eye as well, but his other one is brown. My Sydney is a red tri, but Sookie's stare while looking at those baby chicks is exactly how Sydney looks most of the time. She's very aware of everything around her.

Stunning Girl!
by: Jana

Sookie is so beautiful! I love the action photo and the one with the cute! Sorry to hear about her accident, but I am happy she is recovered. As I stated in another comment, Aussie girls are the toughest girls I know. :-)

Beautiful girl...
by: Bobbie

Glad she healed up well. She is beautiful. Love her markings. She is doing well around those baby chicks. My aussie would not be so gentle around them.

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