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Spaying Aftercare For Our New Little Girl

by Barbara



Just adopted from animal rescue (she's about 1 year and a half). Spaying tomorrow. Tips for what to expect?

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Post op
by: Anonymous

First off, congrats on the new addition! My pup was just neutered in the last 2 weeks, so I hope my experience will help. 50% of aussies are carriers for MDR1, a mutation interfering with drug reuptake and expulsion. Therefore they can't have Acepromazine, ivermectin, or any other common drugs.

Regarding the spay, expect for her to be groggy when you bring her home. Take it slow to help her outside and back up to her "quiet area". If she doesn't want to eat the first night that's ok, as the anesthesia often causes nausea. However if she isn't eating drinking and going potty normally in the next day, that's a red flag.

It's very important to keep the e-collar on her, as the girls are more open than the boys. Given the breed, aussies are very hard to keep quiet and inactive while they heal. These was my greatest struggle during my pup's recovery.

As far as the surgical area itself, please check 2x a day for swelling, excessive redness, and drainage. It may be gross, but taking pictures of the area is very helpful in monitoring the healing. For the first 3-4 days the redness and swelling is normal, as that is the body healing itself.

by: Anonymous

Thanks! So much appreciated. She's been occasionally having a hard time finding the most comfortable place/position, OTOH, not only is she recovering, but this is an entirely new environment for her (and people). Right now, she's found a comfy spot on the wood, though she's also been comfortable in her crate (which I've outfitted with a soft cotton blanket).

She's been out a couple times (she's actually gone to the door) and success. She hasn't eaten yet, but she's been a thirsty girl, but handling it OK.

Tomorrow she'll be more herself, I think.

The vet did not recommend an e-collar. Said that a little licking was OK, but unless she was actively biting at the stitches, she didn't need one. We'll keep an eye tomorrow.

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