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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training and Care

Spaying My Female Aussie

by Sabrina

Hey there! I'm getting a red tri female Aussie who is currently five weeks old. I'm getting her when she is 9-10 weeks. In my state (Nevada), there is a law in which you have to have multiple permits if you do not spay or neuter your dogs before 6 months. I was fine with that, until I researched and found multiple things saying that it is bad for the dog's health if you spay them before at least one year old because the sex hormones finish off some of the bone growth. I don't want to harm my new puppy any way, so I was hoping there would be some advice about when to spay her. I think it's terrible that the law says they must be spayed/neutered before six months because it could be harmful to their health.

Thanks for any help!

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by: Sabrina

Oops, I need to correct myself. The spay/neuter ordinance is under the age of FOUR MONTHS. Not six. My bad!

When to spay
by: jcrply

Most of the research papers that I have read recommend waiting until 12 to 14 months of age. The remainder recommend waiting even longer.
I just found some interesting reading when I googled mandatory spay/neuter laws. Very conflicting statistics -so it seems unclear whether it even reduces the number of dogs in shelters. I also read that in Clark County, Nevada a large group of veterinarians protested the young age that the politicians decided on for mandatory spay/neuter. Sounds like this could be a real battle. Good luck! Maybe your dog could appear to "live with relatives in another state" for a while??

by: yusaf`

for female dogs im pretty sure you want to spay them before 6 months. you want them fixed before they come into their first heat, if you dont you will have to worry about bleeding and spotting for the duration of the dogs life. more than anything take your dog to the vet when she comes home and ask your vet.

by: Anonymous

It is best to have them spayed BEFORE 6 months of age.

Wait till she's at least a year
by: AussieSage

There is an article on this very topic. Given there is no study that I can find on Aussies but this is a good indicator on the debate over all.

The article is:

Long-Term Health Risks and Benefits Associated with Spay / Neuter in Dogs

Laura J. Sanborn, M.S.

And some of the more current research by is supporting what is called "ovary sparing spay".

What we have decided to do is wait until a few months after our pups first heat as that seems to be the one with the best outcome and the most affordable option. I do have my concerns because a lot of time the dogs aren't actually fully matured until 2 years and that would be a better cut off date. That being said so far the reports are that you should wait at least a year. They need their hormones so their bodies are in good shape to function just like any mammal including humans.

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