by Debbie
(Fernie, BC)

Just had my 7 month old Mini Aussie spayed. Immediately after the surgery she started urinating (or leaking) while sleeping. I just wonder if this is caused by the surgery and perhaps in time it will get better.

I am sure this is not Aussie specific but a general condition of female dogs.

Any comments would be appreciated.


Comments for Spaying

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by: Anne

If you get really concerned and her situation changes...ask the vet. Did you call them??

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

by: Debbie

She seems to have stopped leaking but watching her carefully...

urinary incontinence in spayed females
by: Anonymous

Based on several articles that I have read, urinary incontinence is fairly common in spayed female dogs. Various studies show rates ranging from 4.0% to 20.0% for spayed females, compared to 0.3% for intact females. It is commonly called "spay incontinence". I was really disturbed to discover this. I am now trying to decide what to do with my pup. I have read many publications that recommend -for many reasons- that if a female is to be spayed, it not be done until the dog is mature. This means going through at least one heat cycle.

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