Split Face Aussie

by Lyndsey
(Salt Lake, Utah)

Hello, I am getting my first Aussie puppy in two days! She had split face (brown markings around one eye and white around other). She also had one brown eye and one blue eye. Are these marking unusual and should I be worried about health concerns with my pup? Any help would be great!

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Split face
by: Paul Ritchie

These markings are not unusual at all, I also have a Aussie with a split face she is now 10 months old

Look up the breed Standard on asca.org
by: Anonymous

Please do some research on the breed. This will tell you all you need to know.

Split faced cutie
by: JJ

I'm not a breeder or anything but as far as I know you shouldnt have any problems with your lovely pup. I would find out if she's the result of a merle to merle mating if you can just to rule out blindness or deafness. I have a dilute merle pup with a lot of white and eyes of each colour as well plus a small coloboma on one eye - definitely nothing wrong with his paw/eye coordination as he never misses a ball! Think the only reason people worry is that are passed on as pets because they cant be shown in confirmation unless they have colour round both eyes and on both ears. If pup appears happy & healthy just get a vet to check her eyes & ears to be sure theres no problems - then enjoy her!

Pup looks beautiful!
by: Anonymous

No you won't have any problems. They come in all colors and split faces are normal. If the breeder does not know what they are doing you could end up with lethal whites. Breeding Merle to Merle more than likely produce lethal white pups. They most generally suffer from blindness and/or deafness. Your pup looks beautiful and healthy.

by: Anonymous

The only thing I would be concerned about is sunburn. If the flesh is pink around the eyes or nose, you want take precautions. I personally prefer a "mismark face".

Not a problem in itself.
by: DC

My dog has almost a perfectly straight while line down the center of his face. Merle on one side and black on the other. He has a blue eye and a brown eye. No problems at all.

If I remember correctly, the concern is in double Merle's that have all or mostly white faces and heads.

Thank you!
by: Lyndsey

Thank you for all your comments! I have had so much fun with her already and she is a happy, healthy puppy!

Split Faces
by: Debbie Smith

You could also check split faces by Lisa McDonald who has a lot of info on this breed. I have a split-face red merle. One side is merle and a straight line down the middle of her face and covering the whole left side is red. She is the most loving aussie in our life.

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