Stopping My Aussie From Snapping At Other Dogs On Walks

by Nancy PIrozzi
(Waxhaw, NC)

When we take our Aussie Bailey on walks and she sees another dog, she immediately starts barking, then tries to pull on her leach to go to the other dog. Sometimes, when we meet up with a friend to walk he immediate barks, growls, and goes to bite the ears of the other dog. If I walk her with her shock collar she is a better, but I do not want to have to do this with her. Help. Any ideas are welcome.

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Aussie snapping at other dogs
by: Anne

First thing if your aussie is still a puppy...maybe this is how she plays, but regardless you need to correct the behavior before it happens. Have you taken her to a basic obedience class? If need to learn hoe to correct her on the leash and acquire the correct training collar and leash. Do Not use a shock collar to walk your dog!!!
There are other training tools besides a shock collar for basic leash training. You need professional instruction.
If you need more help please e-mail me at

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

Stopping My Aussie From Snapping At Other Dogs On Walks
by: Nancy

Bailey is no longer a puppy. She is three and she did not always do this. We did take her to obedience school and she is only a problem on walks when we see another dog. Though, today we went walking without the shock collar and with some basic commands she did great. My real problem is when he snaps at other dogs when she tries to meet them.

don't give up!
by: kristytru

My own aussie had this same problem as well. Watching lots of Dog Whisperer episodes, I realized I was contributing to the problem by tensing up on and shortening the leash whenever I saw a dog in the distance. He felt my tension and went into "protect" mode. I started keeping the leash loose and moving to the side to give more distance between my dog and the other one. In the beginning, I would also treat him like crazy to keep his focus on me. If there is no room on the path to get distance, I put him in a sit-stay and rapid treat him. You can make sure the leash is short enough so if he lunges, he's not going to reach the other dog, but still keep it loose. He's going to lunge sometimes, but look at it as the opportunity to teach him that it is not acceptable. My dog is now 2 and still pulls sometimes, but without any aggression. Keep at it and don't give up. Stay calm and carry on!!!

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