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Such A Strong Girl

by Avery

My daily visit to see my girl while she was recovering

My daily visit to see my girl while she was recovering

I am the proud mother of a beautiful red tri female, Spin. When Spin was born I instantly fell in love, she was perfect for me and out of the dog I wished I could have, so it made sense that I would have one of Paris's puppies.

We brought Spin home to the farm and she was loving life, running wherever she wanted and already bossing everyone around including the old Golden Retriever Louie and all of the horses. Spin was growing up and learning the ways of being a dirty messy tom boy farm dog. It was a hot summer day and I had jumped in the truck, not just a regular old pick-up truck, my dads 1-ton Ford F350, in other words a big ass truck. Spin had always stayed up near the garage when someone started a truck or car, or even the quad. I never expected her to be under one of the tires cooling off from the heat. I was running to the flower shop to pick up flowers for my mom as it was mothers day and I was going to head out to the Megacross track to watch my brothers race, I put the truck into reverse and not only 5 seconds later the truck went up over a lump and my heart broke.

I had just run over the puppy I had always wanted. I put the truck in park and my dad already had the passenger side door open and was setting her down on the floor boards before I had my seat belt off. I turned to my dad with tears streaming down my face and said "we have to go to the vet", his was response still shocks me to this day, with him being a hard headed farmer who doesn't go to the doctor unless he's puking up blood said "No shit Ave, let's go" and with that we were headed to the vet.

When the vet arrived I was sitting by the door cradling my girl, my heart was broken and the look she gave me broke my heart over and over again. Spin was given pain medicine and x-rayed, she had broken her pelvic bone in 3 places and shattered 4 ribs. Spin was kept at the vets office for a month while she healed. I went there everyday after school to see my girl, the office girls said she would know when it was getting close to 3 o'clock, she'd start whining and pawing at her cage.

A year and a half have gone by and she is a healthy muddy dirty tom boy farm dog again. Spin is getting ready to have puppies due in July, her pelvis healed perfectly, nobody would ever guess that I ran my girl over.

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Wonderful Story
by: Jana

I can only imagine your heartbreak, but SOOO happy for Spin! Aussie girls are the toughest chicks I know :-)

Thank GOD for happy endings
by: kat rose

I cryed reading your story...Spin is a beauty. Accidents are not mean't to happen they just do. I had a Lab mix once that was hit and her pelvic broke. We were leaving to go on vacation the next day so she was going in to be borded. The vet said she would possibly walk with a limp. She was there 2 wks. Keeping her crated was the best thing. I would take her swimming for exercize she never walked with a limp. I can feel the love you have for Spin. Spin is lucky and blessed to be raised in a good enviroment with both the farm and a loving family. You keep making those wonderful memories. God bless you and Spin.

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