Sudden Onset Rear Weakness And Drooling

by David

Our 4 Year old Aussie, Mojo became ill over last 2 days. Seemed like a gastric thing, off food, vomit occasional clear and frothy fluid.

Took to vet and now he is very sick with constant drooling, weak, cannot stand & wets himself. Vet looking into a spine problem.

Blood work fine, IV fluids and antibiotics but he seems to be so ill.

What could be wrong with my beautiful Boy?

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by: Anonymous

I would have your vet check your dog for Lyme Disease. Unfortunately, it is a very common thing in my area for both dogs and humans.

I had a Grey Hound that lost complete control of his hind legs and became extremely depressed. Antibiotics helped his legs but it took much longer for him to get to himself.

Best of luck.

MDR1 reaction to meds?
by: Anonymous

Does your Aussie have the MDR1 genetic mutation? Could he have gotten ahold of too much Ivermectin (heartworm meds or horse manure with Ivermectin)? To my untrained eye, his symptoms sound a bit like those mentioned on the following websites that you should visit: and

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