Summer Haircut

by Melissa
(Baxter, Mn)

My husband cut my Aussie's beautiful fur down to about 1 inch even though I told him not to. Will it grow back and how long will it take?

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by: Anonymous

Yes, it will grow back, and it won't take to long, maybe amonth or so, which is fine, if you live in a hot climate, but he really shouldn't have done that. the hair protects the dogs froms flees, and tick, as well as keeps them shaded from sunburn, and skin problems that can be caused by it; still, its been done, so, just do the best you can, and hopefully, your husband won't do that again. All the dog needs is a trim, and one of those brushes that takes out the undercoat.

Aussie fur
by: Kathy

We cut our Aussie's tail, buttock and front leg fur right down a couple of times a year. Her tail grows hair that's about a foot long! The fur comes back very easily in a couple of months, kind of like when we get a haircut. I'm assuming your dog's fur will be the same.


Hair cut
by: Charmayne

We have gotten our Mini Aussie cut fairly short for the last couple of summers. We live in Michigan on a lake and he is in it as much as he possibly can! We had no idea how much this breed liked the water. It makes it much easier for him to dry and his hair does not get matted. We usually get him cut around the middle of June and it grows back buy the fall. It saves us lots of work and he is cooler. We call it his "Puppy Cut."

Aussie fur part 2
by: Kathy

Fur-ther to the 'fur' comments, we have discovered an excellent grooming tool for our Aussie. Its called a 'furminator', and no, I am not selling these and no, I don't own shares in the company. We tried one our furry girl, and it removed HUGE quantities of the fluffy undercoat that she was shedding constantly. My dog's fur is so smooth now that it looks like she has lost weight, and I sincerely doubt any extra trimming will be necessary. She also seems to enjoy the brushing, and is clearly more comfortable in the hot weather.

Highly recommended!

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