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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care


by Lynn
(Granite Falls, NC, USA)

Well, our Summer is 3 years old and the top dog of the three we have. I don't know where to start... she is so different than our last Aussie. She is a mix we just don't know what with, her mother was full blooded. Summer has had a cloth fetish since she was born. She loves fleece or whatever that material is that we are bombarded with these days. She used to eat the whole thing but she has slowed down now that she is a little older. The first one she had was from HSUS and she ate the entire thing! And yes, we call it her bankie! When she gets out of her crate in the evening the first thing she does is run for her bankie and then heads for the back door. She does leave her bankie inside while she runs as fast as she can trying to catch the crows that are milling around on the golf course behind our house. She is so determined she can catch them! I have seen her actually chase their shadow when they get too high.

Her second fetish is golf balls. We live on a golf course and if she is outside when someone tees off she will run down to their ball and take off with it. The golfers' remarks are "I told them that dog took off with my ball!" I have to get it from her and apologize as I return it to its rightful owner. She and my husband will walk through the empty lots looking for balls. She usually finds them before he does.

As with my previous Aussie I have never had to train her to stay near or to come when she is called. It is something that seems to be born in them. I tell everyone that she wouldn't run away for anything. There is just something so intelligent about these dogs. They have understanding beyond words!

Comments for Summer

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Thank you!
by: Lynn

Gee! I only wish I had known just how stuck she is or I would have called her Velcro!

great dog!
by: Cathy

I loved the stories you told about Summer. I am not surprised that she is top dog! She is beautiful, and it is so special that she is velcro; I love that about Aussies. Aussies take your whole heart, not just a piece! Keep enjoying Summer!

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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