Tail Inquiries

by Mireille

Is a miniature australian shepherd can born with a tail longer than 4 inches? Could you tell me by this picture if you think the puppy I bought is a purebred or not?


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by: Nonnie / Dee Cutshall

Did you get her from a breeder? All of the breeders of pure bred Aussies that I have seen dock the tails at 2-3 days old. Your puppy is very cute, regardless. How old is she?

by: Anne

Aussies are born with all lengths of tails from bobtails to full length tails. The tails are usually very fluffy. Like the other person who commented, if you bought the dog... did the person you bought your puppy from give you any paperwork?

If not, then you can do a DNA test to see if it is purebred.

Hope that helps.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

by: Anonymous

if you bought the puppy from a breeder they are suppose to have the puppy's tail docked at a very young age. but either way just because they didnt do the docking doesnt mean its not pure bred. your pup is very cute and the tail will just add more personality to your pup!!!

Aussie Tail
by: Anonymous

My Aussie has a tail and I wouldn't have it any other way. He shows so much expression through his tail and his wiggle butt!!

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